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Tools Durability Affecting Factors

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Tools Durability Affecting Factors


What is the "tools durability"? It means: the machining time of tools starting cutting until the wear limits. Besides, the wear limitation value also influences the tools durability. If the wear limit is confirmed, then durability is also related to wear rates. The slower wear speed is, the longer cutter life will be. So all the factors of affecting tools wearing are also having influence on its life.


1.    Cutting parameters:

If increase cutting data, it will rise machining temperature. The biggest factor is cut feedrate, next is feeding load, and the minimal effect is back milling depth. So if you want to improve processing efficiency, the back milling depth should be increased first, but not in blind pursuit of improving cutting speed. 


2.    Workpiece Materials:

The higher of material strength and hardness is, the worse heat-transfer properties will become. The easier cutting temperature rises, the lower blades wear ability will be comparatively.


3.    Cutter Materials:

Cutter materials are an important element of affecting flute endmill durability. Reasonably selecting router bits materials and applying new materials are an effective way to improve endmill durability. In general, the higher thermal resistance of bits materials is, the bigger wear-resisting property is.


4.    Engraving Tools Reasonable Geometric Parameters:

Reasonably choosing tools geometric parameters can significantly improve useful life. In actual production, we often use router cutter wear-resistance to measure the rationalities of geometry parameters.


(1)  Front Rake Angle:

If the front rake angle increases, machining deformation becomes smaller, milling forces becomes smaller, friction decreases, cut temperature lowers, and life will be increased. But if rake angle is too big, it will make cooling conditions become worse, and easy to cause cnc bits breakage, so that decrease router tools durability.


(2)  Reducing tool cutting edge angle, minor cutting edge angle, and corner radius of the cutter tip, can improve tip intensity and reduce milled temperature, thus improving tools durability.



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