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Improve Cutting Efficiency

by astech-cnctools

Improve Cutting Efficiency (1)

12 Ways of Improving Cutting Tooling Efficiency


1.    Select cutting parameters reasonably.

The research shows that, when cutting speed increases 10 times, feed speed increases 20 times, so far beyond the traditional cut “forbidden zone”, then cutting mechanism have the fundamental changes. The result is: the removal rate of unit power improves 30%40%, cutting forces lower 30%, tools life improves 70%, sharply reducing the cutting heat left on work pieces, vibration almost disappear, the machining tooling has changed with essential and big leaps. At present, from the cnc router machine situation, if we want to fully develop the high-speed processing capacity of the modern advanced cutters, high rate working should be applied, enlarge the materials cut off volume of unit time.


2.    Select router bits materials with good performance.

In numerically-controlled machine tools processing, the role of metal engraving bits is nothing less than steam engine invented by watt.


The tools made materials must have very excellent high-temperature hardness and wearing resistance, necessary bending strength, impact toughness and chemical inertness, good manufacturability (milling machining, forging, thermal treatment, and so on), and not deform easily. For now in the domestic and overseas, the good performance cnc tools materials are mainly: metal ceramic, the coated tungsten solid carbide cutters, ceramic milling cutter, PCD end mill (Polycrystalline Diamond) and CBN router cutters (Cubic Boron Nitride), etc.


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